Oral Hygiene procedures (Scaling & Prophy-jet polishing)

Preventative dental care starts with consistent oral hygiene. Professional teeth cleanings remove plaque and tartar above and below your gum line, eliminate bacteria growth and calm and reduce gum inflammation that can lead to periodontal disease (gum disease) and other possible systemic conditions.

Our oral hygiene professionals provide comfortable and effective "teeth cleanings"- the scaling and debridement of oral plaque and calculus (tartar).

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Advanced Teeth Whitening ( Ultrasonic with Halogen and LED)

Ultrasonic with Halogen and LED Advanced Teeth Whitening is a combination of two powerful light sources and ultrasonic technology with wavelengths that span the entire blue light whitening spectrum, providing patients with an effective and precise whitening treatment.

Halogen and LED light sources is proven to whiten better than an LED alone, but this powerful light is filtered to remove heat and UV output, contributors to discomfort for sensitive patients.

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Digital Smile Designing

DSD ETHICALLY INVOLVES THE PATIENTS in the restorative or smile enhancement process, making them the co-designer of their own treatment by sharing objectives, expressing their desires and expectations with the restorative team. The interaction between patient and dental specialist is improved by photos and videos taken at several steps of the treatment.

Once the restorative technical requirements are combined with the desires and emotional needs of the patient, great results will be achieved – creating a path to a natural, confident and beautiful smile.

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Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile is a smile makeover. It's a Supra Natural White, perfectly aligned attractive looking teeth. It takes in consideration the skin color, the gum position, the front teeth color and size, and of course the position of the upper teeth with the lower lip.

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Tooth Coloured Fillings and Cosmetic Fillings

By precisely matching tooth-colored composite fillings with the natural color of your teeth, a skilled cosmetic dentist is able to provide you with white fillings that are virtually invisible. The removal of old amalgam fillings can provide patients with white fillings that provide a more pleasing, silver-free smile.

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All Ceramic and Zirconium crowns and Bridges

A dental restoration's material is critical to its success, which is why we've developed all-ceramic zirconia crowns and bridges. There are a number of benefits to using these zirconia dental restorations. Namely, the stunning aesthetics and strength. We offer different types of all-ceramic zirconia crowns and bridges, each with their own benefits.

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Crown in one day

Technology is on your side! No longer do you have to wait and spread out your dental crown work over several weeks or several appointments, now you can literally have your new ceramic crown or crowns, done in one day!

Here at Dr. Hassan Al-Abdulla Dental Center we use the most advanced technology to make your dental visit convenient, effective, and timely. Our same day tooth restoration procedure is an example of how efficient our practice is. Within the same day you can restore a crown procedure without the hassle of leaving our office or dealing with another practice.

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Minimally invasive Wisdom tooth removal with Piezo Surgery

Piezosurgery is a relatively new technique of bone surgery that is recently gaining popularity in implantology, periodontics and oral surgery. The piezosurgery device produces specific ultrasound frequency modulation (22 000–35 000 Hz). The unit provides extreme precision and safety as well as micrometric cutting, thus allowing one to selectively section the mineralized bone structures. Moreover, the device causes less bleeding during and after the operation and the healing process is shorter. Due to the aforementioned advantages, an ultrasound device could be utilized in a wide range of surgical procedures, e.g. impacted tooth extraction, elevation of the Schneiderian membrane, bone splitting or expansion of the ridge, preparing bone bed and bone sampling, and corticotomy, not to menton cystectomy.

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LASER Assisted procedures for Gum problems

Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy, or LAPT for short, is the latest advancement in Periodontal Infection Removal. The WaterLase MD laser uses a specific wavelength that targets and destroys diseased tissue and bacteria from periodontal pockets.

The precision of laser dentistry allows us to remove only the diseased tissue. This results in less post operative discomfort and faster recovery time.

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Single Visit Root Canal Procedures with a microscope

Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment is one of the most advancing Branch of Endodontics. With revolutionary changes in concepts, it is considered as a routine & painless procedure even in non-vital teeth cases.

At Dr. Hassan Al-Abdulla Dental Center we offer single visit root canal treatments using microscope within 60 minutes. This is known as MICROENDODONTICS. The use of microscope gives an unparallel quality of dental work. Rotary Endodontics using a rubber dam is the international standard of care that we offer. We use the latest technology with best materials to assure that you have a painless and successful root canal treatment.

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Pediatric Dentistry

Children needs special care not only that treatment but also the psychology to control the child and make them feel comfortable.

A pediatric consultant can provide the child with the high quality level of treatment and make the visit a fun and informative experience for the child and parents.

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3D assisted Dental Implant Planning procedures

3D assited imagery is used in implant dentistry for preoperative planning and intraoperative transfer of the correct implant position.

This allows doctors to see structures such as bone, soft tissues, and blood vessels at many different angles for better diagnosis and treatment plans.

Occasionally, dentists will need to take a CT scan of a patient's mouth. Performing a dental CT is very simple and completely painless. The patient sits stationary in a designated seat while the imaging system takes several pictures of your face in a matter of seconds.

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Invisible aligners for teeth correction (with American system "Eon")

eon Aligner is a practically invisible and removable alternative to traditional braces that straightens and aligns teeth.

Clinically proven to be as effective as regular orthodontic braces, eon Aligner is a more hygienic and comfortable solution than traditional metal brackets.

eon Aligners are made from a medical grade, FDA approved material that is virtually invisible; meaning you can correct your teeth without anyone noticing!

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