Dermatology & Skin Care Medicines in Qatar

We provide a range of high quality and effective dermatology and other products for our patients. Our products offer affordable and high quality compounds to enhance your natural beauty. All are in stock and available for purchase at our clinic’s pharmacy.

D & Derm

D&DERM is a science - based skin care that offers advanced dermatological products for most skin problems.

It offers a wide range of therapeutic products to treat a variety of skin conditions including aged skin, hyperpigmentation, acne, photodamage and chronic dry skin. Most of our D&DERM products are manufactured by Neutraderm Inc. , a US medical grade skin care manufacturer that is an innovator in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of advanced medical-grade solutions for top brands nationwide.

BABÉ Laboratories

Taking care of the different phases and needs of the skin, BABÉ offers daily skin cleansing and nourishing products that are essential for healthy and nurtured skin. Products formulated with effective active formulas help to repair all the ailments affecting the skin of the face. BABÉ Laboratories is hypoallergenic and free of parabens, mineral oils, and artificial colourings.


Ghassan collection was inspired by the beauty of nature that is offered by vast lands Australia. In conjunction with Ghassan laboratories, and using advance technology, the ideal formulations for skin and hair care ranges was developed.

INFUSED ORGANIC HAIR CARE Key Organic ingredients are: Organic Coconut – For intense moisture, Organic Rosemary – To soothe and calm the scalp, Organic Ginseng – To revitalize limp hair, Organic Green Tea Leaf – To strengthen and repair extreme damage to the hair, Organic Aloe Vera – To help balance the pH levels of the hair, Organic Nettle – To prevent hair loss, and Organic Calendula – Nourishes scalp.

CHA : Lab

365 days of healthy habits with CHA:LAB feminine line. Taking a loving care of your body with healthy habits. Leads you to healthy and beautiful life. Professional and essential protection against genital infections or diseases due to harmful elements and environmental hormones! Healthy body brings a true beauty to your life. Be healthy and be confident! Start with CHA : LAB feminine product line.

Amino Genesis

While most of us have heard of amino acids, few truly understand the role they play in not only the health and beauty of your skin, but the essential role they play in life itself. Amino acids are the nutrients that make your skin beautiful. Each part of your skin is made up of different combinations of different amino acids. When the skin is depleted of amino acids, the skin cannot perform its daily repair routine. This leads to the appearance of aging skin and makes it worn and dry. Without enough amino acids, the skin loses its elasticity, stuns, discolours, wrinkles and your complexion loses its radiant glow. AminoGenesis® is the world leader in the use of amino acids in skin care products. No other skin care product provides the full range of essential amino acids needed for healthy, beautiful skin like AminoGenesis®. Amino acids are the key to a flawless, flawless complexion that will never lose its radiance.


We have different types of Cosmicol creams available in our pharmacy, and they include the following products: Elastin Firming Cream Elastin may be the most significant cosmetic discovery made to date. This exclusive formula is recommended to be used in place of your usual moisturizer and night cream. Vitaminized Ointment Cosmecol Vitaminized Ointment helps skin stay smooth and young-looking. It nourishes dry and irritated skin. Long-Acting Natural Deodorant Cream is a natural deodorant that prevents unpleasant odor while hydrating the armpit area for a whiter, smoother feel.


The Mouth Watchers Toothbrush offers a breakthrough in oral care . The revolutionary antimicrobial dual layer flossing bristles, reach into areas untouched by prior toothbrushes, leaving teeth and gums feeling just as clean as after a professional dental cleaning.

Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria that builds up on bristles in 6 hours due to our proprietary silver bristle technology. Revolutionary Flossing Bristles™ - long, soft bristles with 1 micrometer diameter tips reach areas missed by other toothbrushes. Our bristles reach deep into teeth grooves and the periodontal pockets (area between tooth and gum) for superior cleaning, while harder inner bristles ensure complete cleaning of the outer surfaces and massage the gums.